Attractions in the area


Bre og Fjell AS, Norwegian Mountain Guides

Haugabreen is a easely accessable glacierarm in Jostedalsbreen nationalpark. On the hike towards the glacier the leader of the hike will tell about the glaciers role in the formulation of the landscape and of local glacier stories.

The meeting with the shiny ice crystals we adjust for the group's wishes and aptitudes,
so everyone gets ein memorable trip!


Norsk BreMuseum & Ulltveit-Moe climate centre

The purpose of the Norwegian Glacier Museum is to collect, create and disseminate knowledge about the glaciers and climate.
The museums visions interplay with  nature and between nature and man - through advanced film technology, interactive models and your own experiments with real glacier ice. Norwegian Glacier Museum is for the Inquisitive man.


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The Eikaas gallery

The painter, drawer and sculptor Ludvik Eikaas was born in Jølster in 1920, but moved at a young age to Oslo, where he still lives. He is  known as one of the first who made non- figurative art in Norway . He and renowned for his many portraits and self- portraits


The Norwegian Booktown

The booktown in Mundal in Fjærland was founded n 1995, and now has a book count of approximately 250,000 books for sale in a handful of retailers of various magnitudes: ferry waiting room, barn, bank, cold storage and postal facilities


The Astruptunet

Astruptunet , home of the artist Nikolai Astrup. It's located by Sandal on the southern side of Jølstravatnet in Jølster municipality.

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Jølster Rafting

Jølster Rafting can offer you an exciting, challenging and exhilarating experience. You can experience both river rafting and glacier walks, all within a short distance from their base.


Destination Sunnfjord

Sunnfjord lies at the heart of Western Norway with its starkly contrasting fjord scenery, halfway between Bergen and Ålesund. Sunnfjord is distinctive from neighbouring regions in Sogn & Fjordane County. Its little - known fjord arms, and gentler landscape in harmony with powerful and diverse watercourses and magnificient backdrop of numerous waterfalls, have left its impression on landscape forms and settlement.